Our Story

The Succies!

In a world where work-from-home is the new norm, two friends found themselves wondering how they could make their living space more positive. After all, never before had they been made to spend this much time indoors. “What’s missing?” one asked, “I think I miss the greenery” the other said. And then it dawned on them just how much human beings overlook the positive impact brought on by a green surrounding. Remember when we used to spend more time walking around in parks and less time staring at screens? 

How have we as a society forgotten the importance of a green surrounding, even with the news of frequent forest fires, deforestation & increased global warming across the world? And do you really need a large backyard or a huge home garden to add a little more green into your life? Why not incorporate some lush greens that thrive indoors and need little space?

And that every afternoon, the two friends took up the challenge to make the world a little bit greener, and thus Succulenty was born. With a mission to educate everyone how adding some beautiful succulents to our living space can improve the quality of our lives. 

Did you know succulents are some of the rare plants that not only live on little care, thrive indoors, but also release oxygen throughout the night? Some research suggests that the moisture released into the air by succulents may help you feel good about yourself, help regulate your well-being and create a more positive environment! 

Succulenty focuses on creating a "succuverse" for all your succulent needs, starting from the actual plants to all the other succulent paraphernalia you can imagine. It is our goal to build a safe, loving and therapeutic space for succulent lovers across the globe to unite and share their love for the magical plant. So come along and help us spread the word, and make our little worlds a little bit greener! 


Our story Succulenty